2017Successfully listed on "New Third Board Market", Stock Code:870907

The Mainly drafter of the national standards of power bank 2015

Developed the World’s first power drive for iPhone 2013

Developed a wireless charger solution for iPhone and Samsung 2011

Developed the first Dual USB power bank in the world 2009

Developed the first battery case in the world 2007

The award of excellent design in CeBiT 2005

Focus on supply portable battery protection solution 2003

2016Launched the first lithium-ion portable power station in the world

Achieved the Innovation award of CES 2014

Build a strategy relationship with Samsung 2012

Developed the world's first NFC battery case for iPhone 2010

Published the power bank manufacturer standards in China 2008

Verified by ISO:9001 quality management system 2006

Developed the first universal USB power bank in the world 2004