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About samples:
1, Compatible for Xbox One/Xbox One Slim/Xbox One Elite controller
2, Replace the old or broken batteries of the controller to provide the power to the controller
3, Led indicator light to indicate the charging status of your controller, high battery capacity make the battery more durable 
4, Battery capacity: 1100mAh
5, Input voltage: DC 5V Charging current: 1A
6, Battery output voltage: DC 3.3V
7, Battery bag input: Vmax=3.3V (charging dock input), Vmax=5V (micro USB input)
8, Material: high-quality ABS
9, Packaging Included: 1* dual charging dock 2*rechargeable battery (1100mAh) 1* USB charging cable(80cm)

 1) For normal sample, different samples with different role, details can you kindly check with us, usually less than 2 pieces are free of charge and customer to pay the sample fee

 2) Customized sample, customer need pay the sample fee according to different finishing

 3) All the samples charge will be returned once order placed